Frequently asked questions


Can I see a detailed map of the trails?

Coming Soon…


Are you relying on the funding from the community to get the park up and running?

Our intention is for the control of the park to be retained by the directors of the park, who are all riders with a genuine interest in its success beyond profit. The crowdfunding helps with for initial project costs and approvals, with other funding streams to be implemented at later stages of the project.


Have you or are you planning to source Government Funding for the GVBP?

Destination NSW has expressed interest in the project as they believe it will be a great boost to the local economy however no grants have been secured to date.


Who is "Glenworth Valley Bike Park”?

A wholly Australian owned, self-funded private company.


Can you confirm the project partners / team other than trail builder Synergy Trails?

The project group has been assembled to bring together a diverse range of skills and experience across multiple disciplines. This group consists of site architecture & master-planning, trail design, project finance, project management, branding, marketing, professional athletes, bike park consultants.


This is an epic project for Synergy Trails ! Can they increase their capacity to plan and deliver this bike park?



What are the park's opening times?

Currently planning 10am-4pm with extended hours during daylight savings and weekends (STCA)


Does the $5,000 15 year Pass include use of the chairlift?

Yes. You can choose to start the 15 year pass from opening day or if you prefer we are happy for you to wait until the chairlift is commissioned to activate your 15 year pass. This pass is only available to the first 50.


We are 2 parents - can we buy one ticket?

No, tickets are an individual offering.


Are the ticketing / deals on offer the same deals as Maydena?

We are a separate commercial entity with no ties to Maydena’s operating offers. We encourage you to make your own comparisons, and let us know what you think.


Do you have to pay if you don't use the shuttle/ lift?

Our indicative ticketing pricing will potentially range from $15 to $95 / day. Various options include spectator entry, rider access only and rider access plus lift/shuttle.


Will E-Bikes be allowed in the park?

Yes. We also plan to have up trails for e-bikes.


When are you planning to install the Chairlift?

The Chairlift is part of the Masterplan Approval process, We anticipate a three month installation and commissioning period post approval. Unfortunately, approval timing is out of our control, but we are working hard to secure it.


are there going to be rentals and how much will they be.

Rentals are planned, but not until the bike park has reached certain milestones. Pricing will be set closer to this time.


will there be employment opportunities in the near future as this project gathers momentum?

Yes, there will be many employment opportunities in the future. We’ll post job opportunities as they arise, so keep watching our website and socials.